Campbellford Memorial Hospital

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Campbellford Memorial Hospital is dedicated to relief of illness, pain and suffering, and to promotion of health for the communities we serve.

Our Vision

Campbellford Memorial Hospital's vision is to be a recognized leader in rural health care, creating a healthy community through service excellence, effective partnerships and the development of innovative hospital services.

Our Values

Compassion. Compassionate care is a commitment we make to patients and their families. We understand that the art of care is often just as important as whatever technical expertise we bring to our jobs and that compassion is something that staff members give of themselves to our patients and their families.

Learning and Innovation. A commitment to opportunities for learning and personal growth for staff members in all departments is essential to maintaining a vibrant and dynamic organization. CMH will continue to budget resources for learning and growth opportunities for staff members in every department. We will also promote an organizational culture of innovation -- one that encourages advancement of knowledge and experience -- in order to make continual improvements in patient care, and in our services across the organization.

Excellence. We must not only meet, but also exceed the needs and expectation of our patients. Excellence means that we will not only provide highly skilled patient care, but also that we understand the human dynamics involved in providing care and services. Excellence means a commitment to maintaining the best equipment and facilities that we can possibly afford. It means a commitment to assisting professionals in furthering their education and skills. It also recognizes that all staff members play key roles in ensuring that patients have the best experiences possible in our hospital.

Accountability. We acknowledge our responsibility to provide the best possible quality of care by managing our resources effectively. We also recognize our responsibility to act as advocates for our community to secure needed resources.

Respect. This value encompasses how we treat our patients, and their families, and how we relate to each other. We value the rights of our patients and their families to be treated with dignity and have their individual values and decisions appreciated. We recognize and value the unique contributions of staff members, physicians, volunteers, and supporters.