Campbellford Memorial Hospital

Your Stay at Campbellford Memorial Hospital

Listed below are a wide range of helpful topics such as what to bring, hospital meals, television and telephone service and hospital policies ensuring your stay is as comfortable as possible.


All patient information is confidential. We will collect, use and disclose personal health information for health care purposes in accordance with the law.

Consent Form

Every patient who is about to undergo an operation or procedure will be asked to sign a consent form. The healthcare practitioner will explain your procedure before you sign the consent form and answer any questions you may have concerning the procedure. In special cases, when you are unable to give consent, your substitute decision maker may give consent on your behalf.


Dentures are easily lost if placed in a tissue, paper or on a bedside cabinet. Should you remove your dentures, be sure to ask the nurse for a denture cup.

Education Services

Our in-house Patient Education Television Channel operates free of charge on the Patient Television System. A comprehensive education video system provides a multitude of educational programs with complete listings of subject and viewing times available at each patient’s bedside, with complete program descriptions available at the Nursing Stations.

Hand Washing

The spread of infection can be stopped by thoroughly washing hands. It remains the single most effective way to control infections.

Here are some tips on how to wash your hands properly:

  • Use warm water and soap
  • Rub hands together briskly for 15 seconds
  • Rinse hands thoroughly and dry with a clean paper towel
  • Use paper towel to turn off tap

Make sure you wash your hands:

  • Before and after visiting a patient
  • After coughing or blowing your nose
  • After using the washroom
  • Before eating

Waterless hand wash dispensers are can be found throughout the Hospital.

Identification Bracelet

Please wear your identification bracelet on your wrist at all times. If your bracelet becomes lost or damaged, please tell your nurse. If you have allergies, you may receive more than one bracelet during your stay.

Information for Family Members

Concern about a family member is natural. We support families and want to assist in developing a patient’s treatment plan. It is helpful, where possible, to provide the name and relationships of one individual to serve as the primary contact or spokesperson for your family.

Appointing a spokesperson has several benefits. With fewer people calling for patient updates, it reduces the number of telephone calls to the unit, which makes it easier to get through. It also ensures that all members of the family receive the same information.

The needs of each patient and family are different. The nursing staff is happy to discuss the best way to share information with your family.

Lost and Found

Check to be sure you have all your personal belongings when leaving the hospital. In-patients may contact the First Floor front desk if they have misplaced an item.


To receive mail, ask your family and friends to address any correspondence to:
Patient Name and Room Number
c/o Campbellford Memorial Hospital
146 Oliver Road
Campbellford, Ontario KOL lLO


Please bring all current prescription and non-prescription medications, including over the counter and herbal medications with you, in their original containers. Tell your nurse about these medications. Any medications required during your stay will be prescribed by your physician and will be supplied by hospital personnel. Please tell your doctor and nurse if you suffer from allergies or are allergic to any medications. If you have questions about your medications, your doctor or nurse can arrange a meeting for you with your pharmacist.

Following doctor’s orders, the Hospital provides medications for patients during their stay in the Hospital. Patients using research medications or patients routinely taking medications not available in the Hospital may be required to provide these medications to the nurse or the doctor.

Room Accommodation

The Ontario Hospital Insurance Plan (OHIP) provides standard ward coverage upon hospital admission.

The Hospital offers three types of rooms:

  • Standard Ward - 4 beds per room
  • Semi-private* - 2 beds per room
  • Private* - 1 bed per room *requires proof of insurance coverage or a deposit

Patient Meals

When you are admitted to the hospital, you will receive a food restrictions form where you can indicate which foods you do not wish to eat. Based on this information, and the diet your doctor orders, an appropriate menu will be selected for you. If you have special nutritional requirements, your doctor may refer you to a registered dietitian. Nourishing meals are served around 8:00 a.m., noon and 5:00 p.m. Snacks are served in the afternoon and evening.

What to Bring

If you are being admitted to stay overnight, then you should bring the following:

  • Identification that will clearly show your name, address and date of birth, as well as your Ontario Health Card and any additional insurance cards.
  • A list of the prescription medications you are currently taking, including inhalers, ointments or drops. If a current list is not available, bring in the actual medications. After the medications have been reviewed by your physician, those not required by the Hospital should be sent home with a family member. It is also important to inform your health care team of any over-the-counter drugs and herbal medications you are taking.
  • If you received patient education literature from your doctor or the hospital clinic, please bring it with you.
  • Hearing aid, if you use one.
  • Personal hygiene items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, comb/brush, deodorant, shampoo and tissues.
  • Clothing (pyjamas/nightgown, robe/housecoat, slippers)
  • Please leave your valuables at home. If you cannot do so, hospital staff will place your valuables in a locked cabinet for safekeeping until your discharge.
  • Books/magazines, stationery, knitting, etc. or a favourite toy for young patients.

All personal electrical equipment must be inspected by the Maintenance Department prior to use in the Hospital. It must be CSA approved.


Telephones are available in patients’ rooms for a one time flat fee of $5.00. Please inquire at the Nursing Station. Pay phones are located near the Emergency Room and the Gift Shop in the Front Lobby.


There are TVs attached to each bed on the First Floor. The education channel is available free of charge with a list of programs at the bedside. Cable TV can be rented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Teaching videos on various subjects are available upon request.