Campbellford Memorial Hospital

Campbellford Memorial Hospital’s (CMH) 11 municipal partners have all extended formal support for the redevelopment of the hospital as part of a campus of care to better serve the healthcare needs of their communities.

The municipal partners expressed their support by writing letters to Christine Elliott, Minister of Health, outlining why this project is so important, with copies sent to area MPPs.

“The unanimous support of our partners in municipal and regional governments demonstrates the importance of, and their commitment to, this redevelopment project,” said Eric Hanna, Interim President and CEO, CMH. “We need the provincial government to recognize the urgency behind this project and I want to thank all the municipal leaders who are helping us in that work.”

The 11 municipal partners include:

Alnwick/Haldimand Township

Township of Asphodel-Norwood

Municipality of Brighton

Municipality of Centre Hastings

Township of Havelock-Belmont-Methuen

Township of Madoc

Municipality of Marmora and Lake

Peterborough County

Northumberland County

Township of Stirling-Rawdon

Municipality of Trent Hills

“The redevelopment of CMH as part of a campus of care will serve the growing population in our catchment area of Northumberland County and parts of Peterborough and Hastings County,” shared Mayor Bob Crate, Municipality of Trent Hills and Warden, Northumberland County. “Having care close to home is an important asset for our community.”

The Hospital has applied for a capital planning grant to redevelop the facility as part of a campus of care that would create one location for a continuum of health services for residents. The redevelopment project will, when approved, bring together the hospital, long-term care, affordable senior housing and services, mental health, primary care, and other healthcare services.

“CMH provides multiple medical services to our community and our neighboring communities on a year-round basis,” stated Jan O’Neill, Mayor, Municipality of Marmora and Lake.“CMH is the closest hospital for residents particularly in the south of Marmora and Lake. Expansion of CMH will lead to increased availability of services and specialized treatments which will reduce transfers to other hospitals and ultimately allow residents to access their healthcare services closer to home.”

CMH’s application for a capital planning grant to build a campus of care is pending approval from the Ministry of Health.

“I can't thank Campbellford Memorial Hospital enough for all the work going into the redevelopment plan. The hospital is so important to Havelock-Belmont-Methuen as we are the most eastern Township in Peterborough County and we rely on CMH first for health care,” said Mayor Jim Martin, Township of Havelock-Belmont-Methuen.

Community members are encouraged to show their support for a redeveloped CMH by sharing on social media why it is important to them and using the hashtag: #mynewCMH.