Campbellford Memorial Hospital

Community members now have their chance to share why they wish for a new Campbellford Memorial Hospital (CMH) while visiting two local grocery stores.

CMH has launched the community Wall of Wishes boards located at Sharpe’s Food Market in Campbellford and Valu-Mart in Marmora, and there will be a Wall of Wishes set up at the Ranney Gorge Run on Sunday, May 1, 2022. Residents are encouraged to write their wish for a new hospital as part of a campus of care on a post-it note and place it on the board.

“We’ve launched the Wall of Wishes to give the community a public forum to share why a new hospital is important to them,” said Kevin Huestis, Chair, CMH Board of Directors. “The community understands the dire need for redevelopment and the value of creating a campus of care. Sharing their collective voice will make a difference in the success of this project.”

Staff, physicians, volunteers, patients, and families have already begun populating the Wall of Wishes boards located at the hospital. Messages include:

  • “To keep the community thriving.”
  • “As the population ages, the need will be greater.”
  • “It will provide more jobs in our community and our population is growing. Important hub for our community.”

CMH has applied for a capital planning grant to redevelop the hospital as part of a campus of care that would create one location for a continuum of health services for residents. The application for a capital planning grant to build a campus of care is pending approval from the Ministry of Health.

Community members are encouraged to take a photo of their wish (or a selfie with it) and share it on social media using the hashtag: #mynewCMH. Wall of Wishes boards will be launched at additional locations over the coming weeks and announced on CMH’s social media channels.