Campbellford Memorial Hospital

Mission: The Diabetes Education Program at Campbellford Memorial Hospital is dedicated to providing accessible knowledge and support for those in our community who have diabetes or care for someone with diabetes. Through empowering our patients towards self-management, our goal is to prevent complications as a result of diabetes and contribute to improving the overall health of our local population.

Vision: The Diabetes Education Program’s vision is to provide education that is evidence based as well as tailored to the unique needs of our rural population through collaboration with our community partners.

Our values are:

Respect – Respect describes how we treat each person who is part of our program. We value the unique beliefs that each of our clients has as well as their unique backgrounds. We believe that this is an essential part of being able to develop strong relationships with our clients.

Compassion – Valuing compassion means that we bring more than just technical expertise to our clients. We acknowledge the challenges that come with managing a chronic disease and are committed to supporting our clients and their family members through both the challenges and successes in their health journey.

Excellence – In order to provide high quality care our program consists of a team of highly knowledgeable diabetes educators, who are dedicated to continuing education and keeping up with the many advances in diabetes treatment and technology.

Client-Focussed Care - We take pride in making our clients an important part of their healthcare team. We want them to be included in developing realistic goals that are tailored to meet their individual needs.

Accessibility – It is important to us that all members of our community are able to access the services that we provide. In order to do this our program can be accessed whether or not you have a family doctor. We also provide education in many different forms including at individual appointments, group education sessions and in our monthly support group. In addition we visit inpatients at Campbellford Memorial Hospital who need assistance with their diabetes management prior to returning home.