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CT Scan at Campbellford Memorial Hospital

Computed Tomography (CT Scan)

We will be replacing our CT Scanner between February 14th and April 15th, 2024. During this time, we will not be performing CT scans.

The CMH CT Scan has been providing service to Campbellford and surrounding area since January 19, 2010. Computed Tomography is the process of creating cross-sectional images of any part of the body. For CT, a patient is scanned by an X-ray tube rotating about the body part being examined. The computer analyzes the data and displays it as a series of cross-sectional images. The images can be displayed in multiple planes as well as 3-dimensional reconstructions. Some examinations require intravenous injection of contrast media (X-ray dye) to enhance the visualization of a specific organ; some exams require oral or rectal contrast. If this is required, the patient will be informed when the appointment is booked.

To book a CT scan, the ordering physician sends a requisition directly to the CT department. After the order is reviewed and coded by a radiologist, then you will be contacted with an appointment. This process can take up to 5 days.

Important: If you think you may be pregnant, please inform the technologist before your examination starts.

Please click on the documents below for instructions and information:

Diagnostic Imaging Patient Information Sheet

CT Requisition

Special CT Patient Information for Diabetics:

Metformin (eGFR Greater Than 60 ml/min)

Metformin (eGFR Less Than 60 ml/min)

Please bring reading glasses if required as you may need to complete a form.