Campbellford Memorial Hospital

Forming strong friendships with coworkers has not only enriched Brittany's personal life but also fosters a supportive and collaborative work environment. “When you go for a paddle with your work friends, play squash together, go bowling, join a book-club, you strengthen your working relationship too. It’s a great thing to work with your friends.”

“Unlike larger hospitals, CMH fosters a sense of camaraderie where every staff member is valued, and every patient receives personalized care.” It's this intimate connection that makes each day at CMH both rewarding and meaningful for Jennifer.

CMH holds a special place in her heart due to its supportive community and opportunities for personal and professional growth. “We have opportunities to develop and grow that may not be available elsewhere,” she says, “and we have a community that provides amazing support.”

What makes CMH special for Karene is not just the work itself, but also the sense of community she has found within its walls. “It’s nice to walk down the hall and recognize almost everyone. You don’t get that at larger hospitals.”

"I am really proud to work at such a progressive rural hospital who cares so much about their staff and patients.”

“Being such a small community hospital it is more like family then work, it is easier to go in everyday when you enjoy your time with your co-workers,”

"My greatest passions with my job as Recreation Therapist is being able to help people achieve their goals and enjoy the beauty of life."

“Virtual care has become a standard practice and about half our clients still choose to do virtual appointments,” said Emily. “It has allowed us to meet the needs of some of our clients by making it more accessible for those who face transportation barriers, which we often see in a rural community.”

“You realize we’re doing good work,” shared Katy. “People are getting the best care that they can locally without needing to travel to a bigger hospital for their mammogram.”

“With a rural hospital, the teams are smaller and you have a different level of resources, which means you have the opportunity to take on greater responsibilities,”

Zoe went into laboratory medicine because she knew she was interested in health care but was more introverted and wanted to focus on the science rather than direct patient care. Working in a small hospital gives Zoe a nice mix – a tiny bit of patient care, but also a variety of lab work. It has also meant opportunities to grow her leaderships skills.